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Your deck acts as an extension of your home. It is a true outdoor living space where you may want to spend as much time as possible during the summer months. Due to constant use, and year-round exposure to the elements, it needs to be treated right and properly cared for, just like your interior.


Specialized Cleaning, LLC offers complete deck cleaning, refinishing and sealing services to keep your deck in top condition. Cleaning your deck starts with a professional pressure washing. Pressure or power washing removes dirt that's become embedded deep into the fibers of your decking surface.


Washing also prepared the surface of your deck for a long-lasting stain or seal. We don't use any hazardous chemicals in any of our services.


Regularly sealing your deck helps maintain the natural color of the wood, and to help prolong its life. Sealing preserves the beauty of natural wood by protecting it from water and sun damage with reliable UV protection. Our sealant creates a mildew-resistant coating, and can be applied clear, or with a color.


If you would like any additional information about our deck cleaning serves, give us a call today at 616-638-3324.

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Important details regarding deck cleaning services

We clean and seal: Floors, landings, stairs, railings, all vertical support posts, aprons (side of the deck), and stair stringers.


We do NOT clean or seal: Undersides of decks (ceilings), underside of stairs or lattices.

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